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AISC Certification
Discover the process for the only institutional quality certification for structural steel fabricators, erectors and bridge
component manufacturers.
Erector Certification
Learn what is required for implementing the AISC erector certification program. Both quality and safety have to be
addressed in the office and on the jobsite.
A Company Dedicated to Helping You with
Safety/Quality Training & Documentation for OSHA, AISC,
AWS, ISO, CCDDS-BD TG-1-06 & API Standards
Andrew K. Porreco, MME, The former Manager of Operations, QMC for the AISC quality certification program. Hired for
his technical expertise, he assisted clients from initial application through documentation audit to closure of the
corrective actions received during the onsite audit.
AISC Certification Training
Achieve AISC certification in the most expeditious way by using a customized service tailored to the needs of your
company. As the premier program master, we will teach all personnel in your company everything needed to be
completely knowledgeable in all the program criteria.
AISC Certification Tips & Insights
Learn what others don't know about AISC certification. Find out how clients get certified in less than 2 months.
Client Testimonials
Talk to clients who have used the service for achieving AISC certification.
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Buy AISC Standards & Industry Codes Here.
AISC Consultants
Using an AISC consultant can be beneficial. It is far superior to use the AISC consultant whom clients use after using
other AISC consultants.
AISC Chapter N
Changes to the Specification for Structural Steel Buildings affects everyone. New quality system requirements.  
There are many choices for getting assistance implementing the requirements of a safety or quality
standard. From independent consultants to large international companies, there is one that can make you
feel at ease. And, you have found that one here!

What is the best way to know you found the one you want to use? Simple, call the clients they have
worked with! Give us a call or
click here and send us a request for a list of referrals. Our clients are the
best sales force out there!

If you want to learn more about the services we can provide implementing the various standards from the
different organizations, or you would like to learn more about the various organization, feel free to explore
our website before contacting us.

Certification Training Topics Include...
AISC Consutlants
Trying to contact AISC? Click here! You can find AISC Certification, AISC Membership, AISC Manuals, AISC
Standards and much more!
Fabricator Certification
Fabricator Certification
Learn what is required for implementing the AISC fabricator certification program. Get free help & tips from the expert
who overseen the AISC Fabricator Certification.
+1 (312) 239-0430
In the beginning, there was help. Now there is better help!
ISO Certification
ISO Certification
Get certified to the common standard for general manufacturing ISO 9001
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